The Measure Of A Man Review - AVClub

AVClub: Early in The Measure Of A Man, unemployed machinist Thierry Taugourdeau (Vincent Lindon), who’s in his early 50s, gets interviewed by a prospective employer via Skype. Even before the call comes in, Thierry looks uncomfortable, sitting rigidly in front of his laptop with his hands tucked into his armpits, as if steeling himself for bad news. His instincts are sound, as it turns out. After asking Thierry about his work experience and warning him that the position pays considerably less than he’d made at his previous job, the interviewer concludes with these words: “I’ll be straight with you. Your chances are very slim. I’m not saying you have no chance. It’s nothing official. I’m just saying you have very little chance. Okay? It was important for me to say. Have a great day.” Director Stéphane Brizé doesn’t give Thierry time to react to this blunt statement with shock, or disappointment, or much of anything. Thierry nods and says, “Thank you,” and the movie immediately cuts to the next scene. Just another instance of casual emasculation.

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