Guardians of the Galaxy "Asgard War, Part Two: Rescue Me" Review - AVClub

AVClub: In the second part of “Asgard War,” Thanos arrives. He kicks a lot of butt. Then he gets his butt kicked. Then it’s over.

Say what you will about most of the first season of Guardians of the Galaxy, but at least a lot of the dumb choices they made had a point. A juvenile, obnoxious point–mostly centered around cheap comedy or lazy characterization–but it was there. “Rescue Me” lacks the intrigue and narrative reach of “Lightnin’ Strikes,” particularly the odious charm and manipulations of J’Son. “Rescue Me” opts instead for epic battle between Thanos and everyone else (The Guardians, Asgard, and Spartax), which would be fine if the animation was up to the task. Instead, the visual sharpness that the first part possessed is notably missing here. Take for instance the weird moment where Thor and Angela manage a brief conversation while bullets blandly whiz by. Or the really poor way they handle Rocket’s eyes when he does the “Peter is cookoo” gesture (which is surprising because the animators usually bring it to give life to Rocket’s more exaggerated expressions). The action scenes are purely perfunctory, but “perfunctory” in an action-based episode already leaves you at a disadvantage.

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