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EW | 'The Jungle Book' Review

Entertainment Weekly

Recent boardroom drama aside, no major studio in Hollywood has been firing on all cylinders quite like Disney lately. In addition to the creative resurrection of Star Wars, the seemingly unstoppable commercial might of the Marvel films, and the by-now taken-for-granted genius of Pixar, the Mouse House has less noisily been rummaging around in its celluloid closet and giving some of its more mothball-scented animated classics up-to-the-minute live-action makeovers. Last year, director Kenneth Branagh splashed a fresh coat of candy-colored paint onto Cinderella (with a huge assist from Cate Blanchett’s venomous wicked stepmother). Now, it’s The Jungle Book’s turn in the rotation – and, whodathunkit, it turns out to be one of the biggest surprises of 2016.

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