Captain America: Civil War Extra Scenes After the Credits Revealed

MediaStinger: "Early pre-screenings of Captain America: Civil War have featured an extra scene during the credits, but nothing after the credits."

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alycakes2306d ago

That is nothing new. There is always going to be an extra scene with them.

coolbeans2306d ago

Yeah, but sometimes there's also one after the credits too.

aDDicteD2305d ago

If they put ***spoiler**** in that kind of state then that means he must have been heavily damaged in the battle / almost died or he was is not controllable.

Aldous_Snow2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Am I missing something?

"Captain America: Civil War Extra Scenes After the Credits Revealed" but you don't reveal anything or say what it is. Well done

garypugh19602305d ago

Have to click the spoiler link

boing12305d ago

Well, the title is wrong. They revealed mid credits scene. After the credits is still a mystery.