IGN | 'The Jungle Book' Review


With impressive visual effects, a strong leading actor and well-drawn characters, Disney's return to The Jungle Book is a fantastic adventure film with strong messages that's good for audiences young and old. There is some darkness to the movie that might be too much for some younger viewers, but for adults who loved the animated movie growing up, Favreau's take on the story amplifies the 1967 animated film's strengths while also adding new depth and emotional resonance to what was already a strong story.

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WizzroSupreme1778d ago

Looks great. Can't wait to see it.

coolbeans1777d ago

I'm surprised at this movie's reception. Congrats to the creative team behind it.

thereapersson1777d ago

The movie was great. I went in with absolutely the lowest expectations ever, since every resurrection of every franchise nowadays seems to be a major cash grab. I was not only pleasantly surprised, but I would wholeheartedly recommend this movie to everyone who is considering it.