‘The Jungle Book’ Director Jon Favreau on Modernizing a Disney Classic

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The Jungle Book is arguably director Jon Favreau‘s most ambitious film to date. The filmmaker behind Iron Man and Chef reimagines the 1967 Disney animated classic on a grand scale. 98% of The Jungle Book is CGI, and bringing those environments to life, over a two-year process, was quite an undertaking for Favreau and all involved.

With the film, which was actually influenced by the likes of Goodfellas and classic westerns, Favreau tells a surprisingly intimate comig-of-age tale on a massive canvas. To learn how the director and his team came together to retell author Rudyard Kipling‘s story, read our Jon Favreau interview below.

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StarWarsFan1777d ago

Very good job. Jon Favreau has really grown as a director. Maybe he should direct a Star Wars movie.