'Batman: The Killing Joke' Animated Movie Receives R Rating


Batman: The Killing Joke isn’t kidding around. Warner Bros’. direct-to-video animated film based on the notorious Alan Moore comic has been rated R, the studio’s home entertainment division tells EW exclusively.

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dauntingpixel1778d ago

holy awesome! this is going to be wicked.. orr.... will it be too dark for the masses? cause... you know. some people are clearly overly sensitive on body count in DC movies but nor star wars or marvel flicks.

aDDicteD1778d ago

Most likely with this animated movies the critics as well as most of those who are going to watch this animated film are ones who have read the comics or knows what this story arc is all about so if it stays true to the comics then it should be R rated or else it wouldn't work.

dauntingpixel1777d ago

i'm just saying... this is likely to be pretty violent. i'll watch this for sure.

SmielmaN1777d ago

Awesome. Can't wait to see it as well. Dark Batman story with Hamill and Conroy?!? F ya.

aDDicteD1778d ago

The killing joke would not work if it's not r rated so I'm looking forward to a very faithful adaptation of this story.

SarcasticDuck1777d ago

since when this is a news? anyone who knows what the Killing Joke is about were already certain it would be R-rated!

dauntingpixel1777d ago

the news came out yesterday so i'd say that april 14, 2016 is officially when it became news. =)

SarcasticDuck1777d ago

whatever, that isnt my point

ZaWarudo1777d ago

Well, it makes sense considering the stuff in the comic, but don't expect a hard R.

SarcasticDuck1777d ago

yeah, in the trailer, the screens show joker laughing, but i dont think they will let us see the pictures gordon will see

s45gr321777d ago

What pictures I am dying to know

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