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The Last Man On Earth "Skidmark" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The Last Man On Earth works best when it focuses on character conflict. Though its post-apocalyptic premise offers plenty of opportunities for the series to feature standard “man against nature” plots, LMOE thrives when it forces dissimilar people together, and since the stakes are necessarily high (no one character can just theoretically walk away and hang out with another Malibu crew), it’s often a recipe for compelling, funny TV. Initially, Phil was often the agent of chaos, with his selfish desires and personality brushing up against the other members of the ensemble, but over the course of this season, Phil has often become a neutral offender, with other characters like Todd or Phil 2.0 (R.I.P.) serving as that role. It’s been good to see the series play with the ensemble, leaning less on one character’s foibles and more on different characters’ strengths and weakness, especially when the series introduces another catalyst into the fold, the latest being astronaut Mike Miller himself.

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