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Girls "Homeward Bound" Review - AVClub

AVClub: At this late stage, it’s pointless to debate whether Girls should be classified as a comedy or a drama, but I have been thinking more about how the show’s tonal promiscuity affects my perception and enjoyment of it. I tend to think of Girls as a comedy because it was initially presented as one. Its half-hour format makes it a comedy almost by default, and it has a consistency, if not a frequency of jokes. But because it hits so many really wrenching dramatic notes (see: any scene in which Hannah cries), I tend to process it as a funny drama even while I think of it as a comedy. That’s why the glacial character development has always frustrated me. I watch Girls like a drama, so I expect dramatic norms like steady, significant character development. That’s not an expectation of even the most serialized comedies, which hover near the status quo no matter how the cast or circumstances change. Hell, technically Modern Family is a serialized comedy.

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