Bob’s Burgers "Wag The Hog" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Bob Belcher is such a fun stick in the mud. Tonight’s “Wag The Hog” recognizes from the off that there’s a basic problem with its premise: Realistically, Bob is the only Belcher that Critter would ever call if in a jam—funny as it is to imagine a biker gang leader having Louise on his butt phone speed dial, that’s more the kind of thing Louise would dream of than would plausibly happen—but Bob is also the only Belcher who would turn down such a ridiculous, possibly felonious request. This is where Bob’s Burgers is at a narrative disadvantage compared with its Fox animation stablemates; a quarter-century in, it’s hard to imagine a request that wouldn’t send Homer Simpson off on some zany caper, and sudden, borderline-inexplicable changes of mind are such a well-worn running gag for Homer that they’re basically a character trait. As with most creative decisions, there’s nothing inherently right or wrong about Bob being a more consistent, less elastic character, but what it does mean in the case of tonight’s episode is that it takes a little bit of extra work to get tonight’s episode in motion.

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