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Wander Over Yonder "The Waste of Time" Review - AVClub

AVClub: From a plotting perspective, the time travel narrative is inherently nonsense. There’s just so many rules, you know? And those rules are driven by various degrees of belief: logical, scientific, metaphoric, mathematical, paradoxical, causal–I could go on (and that’s not getting into the “causal loop” or “multi-dimensional” ways of thinking). Has any form of entertainment fully done a time travel episode that manages every logistical and temporal point perfectly? Maybe Primer, but I bet even that had plot holes in it, if you spent a million hours analyzing every single frame. TV episodes or films about time travel are mostly just about enjoying the ride; the smart ones at the very least allow for some philosophical (or spiritual) thought-experiments, some historical character reflection, or maybe some comic meta-criticism. ”The Waste of Time” does all of this in a scant eleven minutes, and then some.

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