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New Girl “300 Feet” Review - AVClub

AVClub: It’s been a while since a New Girl has left me with the type of conflicted feelings I experienced during “300 Feet.” On the one hand: There’s a great storyline for Nick and Schmidt, in which their bar gets a name (Finally: “The Griffin is the name of the bar we own together, you buffoon!”) and a new rival. There’s Winston’s whole “cop face”/“friend face” schtick, motivated by Officer Bishop’s unwavering commitment to his job, yet doomed by the fact that cop face and friend face are actually one face with separate tones of voice. The episode gets off to a rollicking start at The Griffin (It has a name! It’s not just “the bar” anymore!), squeezes solid laughs out of trendy-new-watering-hole-on-th e-block Presh, and sets up a scenario where Jess’ attempts to dismiss a restraining order merely reinforce that restraining order’s reasons for being.

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