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Catastrophe "Episode Six" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Catastrophe has this incredible ability to take the unsexy and the unromantic and turn it around so that it feels sexy and romantic. Take the fight in the first episode of this season where Rob says if Sharon touches him, he’ll scream. It’s a warning that leads to sex. Something similar happens when Sharon and Rob are trying to reconcile. Her body is wrecked from pregnancy, she couldn’t have possibly had sex with anyone else because she would be embarrassed to get naked in front of anyone else. But she can be naked in front of Rob because he’s the person she’s most comfortable with, he’s the person who went through two pregnancies with her. That’s what a lot of this episode is about: the allure and the benefits of the comfortable. Is it so bad to put aside fights and anger in favor of the comfortable long game? “I don’t want to be alone” is not the type of declarative, romantic statement that would make its way into Romeo And Juliet. But it’s so similar to the one they had in bed on their anniversary in which they discussed that cheating is too difficult that they might as well just continue with their relationship.

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