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First Look At Scarlett Johansson In Ghost in the Shell As Paramount Announces Start of Production


To mark the commencement of production on their live action Ghost In the Shell adaptation, Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures have unveiled our first look at Scarlett Johansson as 'The Major'...

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dauntingpixel1789d ago

not bad. ghost in the shell is one of the best anime's ever so it's going to have some pretty big shoes to fill here. if they can get this right then there's hope for a real live action version of akira (which can not be told in one film in my opinion)

dota2champion1789d ago

She has the look of the character but Anime had never translated well into a live-action film. hope this will be the first successful one

garrettbobbyferguson1788d ago

She very much doesn't have that stoic power that Motoko carries.

aDDicteD1787d ago

She is the perfect choice to play the part, ghost in the shell is a very classic anime and at this point they should get a premier a list actress for the lead role. I hope this will be successful, it all depends if they remain faithful to the source material and give it the right tone.