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TVF Game of Silence Series Premiere Review: A Haunting Past

All pilots should be as successful as reeling in the audience as Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 0.

It's a story you may have thought about passing up due to the nature of the tale. It's one we've heard before. It sounds a lot like the successful 1996 movie Sleepers starring Kevin Bacon and Robert DeNiro.

But what Game of Silence did in 45 minutes was get the audience invested in five characters enough to care about what happened to them 25 years ago and what will happen to them over the course of the coming nine episodes.

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alycakes1790d ago

When I saw the previews I instantly thought of that movie Sleepers but I watched the Pilot last night and I was hooked. This was just a little more close and personal. I guess it was just the way it was made and the flashbacks looked so much more real. I will be watching this one.