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New International Poster For Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse Gathers The Warring Mutants Together


20th Century Fox UK has released an awesome new X-Men: Apocalypse one-sheet, featuring En Sabah Nur and his Four Horsemen, as well as Professor Xavier and his new team of mutant recruits.

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JKSimmons1782d ago

Can't wait for this movie. Hope it's a good end to the young X-Men trilogy.

aDDicteD1781d ago

Jean grey and cyclops should be near the center with professor x not mystique and psylocke.

dauntingpixel1781d ago

i don't agree with you on that. at this point in their relationship, cyclops and jean grey are still coming into their own as trusted x-men.

aDDicteD1781d ago

True, both of them would be build up in this movie so they should be seen more in the promotional materials such as this poster and as an Xmen fan it's just hard to see cyclops always being pushed aside on the sidelines and even in posters. The poster also makes me think that psylocke would have a big amount of screen time instead of jean and cyclops.

dauntingpixel1781d ago

it's almost as if to say we've that's the next class of upcoming superheros.

Ninte1781d ago

Might as well show mystique with a bow arrow if she's no in mutant form.

aDDicteD1781d ago

I agree she should be in mutant form like in the days of future past poster

dauntingpixel1780d ago

fair point by you but which version of jlaw is hotter? blue or normal?