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The Men In Black - 21 Jump Street Crossover MIB 23 Gets a Logo

CB: MIB 23 -- the crossover between Sony's 21 Jump Street action-comedy franchise and their Men in Black sci-fi/comedy franchise -- is still happening, and now it's got an official title treatment.

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Porcelain_Chicken918d ago

Why? :l

I'll be honest. I'm curious.

RetrospectRealm917d ago

It's a curious move, but I actually think it could work. At least I hope it does. Haha

Porcelain_Chicken916d ago (Edited 916d ago )

It can definitely work I guess.

After introducing sc-fi elements to Jump Street there's no going back lol. I wonder how that'll be handled lol.

-Foxtrot918d ago

So they want to ruin to good films with a crossover which makes the least amount of sense

The Heat, Rush Hour, The Other Guys would make more sense

Omegasyde917d ago

Sony really needs to fire their creative marketing team.

I still can't believe they are greenlighting an imoji movie.

Inzo917d ago

Ruin two good films? I take it you have read the script then?

RetrospectRealm917d ago

Men In Black 2 sucked and Men In Black 3 was so forced.

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The story is too old to be commented.