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Vulture Will Appear In Spider-Man: Homecoming


You never know who you'll run into in Vegas. Sometimes the people you run into will have some interesting information. Like about Spider-Man: Homecoming, for instance.

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StarWarsFan1783d ago

I think the title is weak: Homecoming? Come on.

dauntingpixel1782d ago

i agree with you. it sounds so mickey mouse (no pun intended). also, not a big fan of the vulture but at least its not a rehash of a chaacter we've seen already.

StarWarsFan1782d ago

Sony just can't seem to do anything right lately. Homecoming sounds like the title of a teenage comedy. I'm ready for John Hughes to be involved in this.

aDDicteD1782d ago

I won't be surprise if his costume looks like the falcon with slightly different tweaks on it.