10 DC Stories that Need to be Animated Films

Richard of writes "even though I know the powers-that-be at DC Entertainment will probably never take a gander at this article, I want to chime in with my list of iconic DC comic book storylines that I would like to see adapted into a DC Universe Animated Original Movie. As a life-long fan of comic books, and a longtime fan of DC, I have quite a few stories that I have loved in the past that, after seeing the way that the DC Animated Universe has developed over the past decade, I would like to see get adapted into animated films of their own. So if you don’t mind indulging me for a bit, I want to share with you my list of 15 DC stories that I would love to see as animated films in the future."

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Stringerbell1781d ago

Blackest Night for sure, hell anything Green Lantern I'm on board for.

Arcee1781d ago

I know. Emerald Twilight and The Sinistero Corps War almost made this list, but I'd line up to see those as well

aDDicteD1779d ago

I really hope they make red son and blackest night animated movie so that other people that was not able to read those story arcs gets to know it. I also wanted to see knightfall, they should have released it back then, before the dark knight rises or after it.