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The Playlist Review: 'One More Time'

The Playlist:
At some point, perhaps around the mid-nineties when he banged out roles in films as varied as "Pulp Fiction" and "Excess Baggage," — or maybe when he voiced his need for more cowbell in 2000, who’s to say, really — Christopher Walken entered an actorly realm of self-parody that few stars are ever able to fully escape. What set Walken apart from the pack was the sense that he was in on the joke, that he was happily playing up his cadence and his dancing purely for our benefit, and that it had zero bearing on his actual (and profound) ability to leave that stuff behind when his work required him to do so. Yet that doesn’t dilute the pure pleasure of watching Walken marry those two ideals — the hammy Walken and the serious Walken — into one irrepressibly charming character in Robert Edwards’ darling “One More Time.”

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