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7 Reasons Batman V Superman Should Still Leave You Optimistic For The DC Universe


Okay, so I would be lying if I said that I thought Batman V Superman was an excellent film. In fact, I am currently stretching my own tolerance and biases to even consider it a good movie. The absolute kicking the film has received by reviewers and fans alike is, in many ways, warranted: The story is abysmal, the plot holes are gargantuan, and it is so overstuffed that it makes Spider-Man 3 feel positively minimalist.

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WizzroSupreme1784d ago

It leaves me optimistic that Ben Affleck can direct (and write) a proper Batman solo film, preferably the other half of the Dark Knight Returns we never got. Otherwise, I have yet to like or dislike Gal Gadot or even Henry Cavill. The rest is just a pointless question mark in a rudderless cinematic universe.