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9 Ways Suicide Squad Will Redeem The DC Movie Universe


Now that Batman v Superman has come and gone, the autopsy can truly begin; and the results aren’t exactly pretty.

It was a grim, humourless affair where even the title fight was underwhelming, and the reviews from both fans and critics have been fairly scathing. In spite of a strong box-office performance, it’s still considered a financial disappointment since Warner Bros. sank an ungodly amount of money into it.

Hell, even the setup for the Justice League was ham-fisted.

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WizzroSupreme1793d ago

It won't if DC and Warner have no real vision for how and why this band of misfits should even fit into a universe where Superman is bulldozing people by the dozen every minute. David Ayer may be twice the director that Zack Snyder is, but that's hardly enough to course correct the disaster that WB has already set up for itself with the Snyder-verse.