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12 Older Actors Who Got Real About the Roles They Did for the Money


When you’re a young artist, it’s easy to be driven by your passion and ideals. When you’re a bit older, eh, sometimes a job is a job. The kids are in college, the roof needs repairs, so why not take a gig in a genre project and pick up a few bucks? Sure, if you pick wrong you might have a miserable time, and if you pick really wrong you might appear in one of the worst movies ever, but either way, it’ll all be over in a few months. And after that, you can do as these 12 stars did and let everyone know what you really thought of it. Note, though, that these aren’t all bad performances — far from it. After all, when you’re an experienced thespian like the ones below, a paycheck performance doesn’t necessarily have to mean low-effort.

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