Suicide Squad Trailer from the MTV Movie Awards


Straight from the MTV Movie Awards, a new Suicide Squad trailer has debuted online and features all-new footage from the upcoming DC Comics film.

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dauntingpixel1858d ago

check that pulse if this doesn't get you completely excited for august

dauntingpixel1858d ago

i think i've watched this trailer about 5 times now and my excitement is at an all time high. i think harley looks incredible and i'm really getting behind jared leto as the joker. he just might be be comparable or better than heath.

Software_Lover1857d ago

So, is this supposed to be in the same universe at Batman vs Superman?

Soldierone1857d ago

Anyone else think the teases nodded at Batman are actually Robin? Or has that been confirmed yet?

(Note, I know it's within that universe, and he may appear, but I don't think he will be the main antagonist against the group. So the Batmobile etc could be Robin?)

aDDicteD1853d ago

Suicide squad Is DC's last ray of hope, if this film would suck it would be a deep hole for DC because of the shortcomings of B v S while if the film does good which I think it will, there might be a chance to rectify mistakes since batfeckk was ok. I like the trailer, the tone is perfect I hope it will be a surprise hit