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Rey Gives Luke Skywalker a Piggy Back Ride in Rehearsal Shot From Pinewood Studios

EB: Mark Hamill just shared a great picture of himself and Daisy Ridley from the parking lot at Pinewood Studios in the UK, where Star Wars Episode 8 is currently filming.

Based on Hamill’s early teases this shot is from a rehearsal that recently took place involving the two Force users. It’s a great picture, and one that speaks volumes about the working relationship between Daisy and the Star Wars vet. Apparently it’s Daisy’s birthday, which is why Mark chose today to share the picture. You can check it out below.

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MilkMan1791d ago

Listen, its Lukes turn to ride the back of the expectant padawan.

DillyDilly1791d ago

So thats why Ben turned Dark Side

aDDicteD1787d ago

Wow that's a cool picture! Kinda reminds me of Luke carrying yoda when he was in training on empire strikes back.