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COG writes: "Sigh. Here we are again. It’s time for another thrilling episode of Arrow. But wait! This week is finally the big reveal about who dies in this season! You know, the thing they’ve been teasing since the very first episode all those months ago? Well, I can’t believe someone dying is the only thing that gets me excited about a show anymore, but as the theories run wild, let’s get into it!"

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Hold_It1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Laurel. Lol, we don't know how to write a character, so let's just kill them, but not let their death have any weight because Earth-Two counterpart is the new Dragonballs. It made the most sense to kill Quentin Lance off due to the fact that his arc is finished, and he's mended up his relationship with Oliver, but I guess since it makes sense, let's not do it.

This show has become so awful after Season 2 to the point that Felicity and the shipbase have destroyed this show.

DoomeDx1784d ago

I know right.

And dont even get me started on Mama Smoak and Quentin Lance being in a relationship. Its pointless and stupid. No, im done with Arrow. Didn't even bother the watch the previous two episodes. I just watched this one to see who died, and guess what? They killed an essential character to Oliver's arc.

This show makes no sense at all.

blackblades1784d ago

Yet your still watching it and posting on the article.

Hold_It1784d ago

Not really, haven't watched it since December. You don't have to watch the awful show to know that shit is constantly leaking for it.

blackblades1784d ago

Watching, reading about, keeping up to date of what's going on you still involved in the show. If you really feel that way about it don't you think you would of stop involving you self into the show.