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How Zack Snyder Finally Got Batman Right


He may not have been the first, but when it comes to box office power, DC Comics’ big blue Boy Scout always seems to take a back seat to The Dark Knight. Of course, that doesn’t mean that delivering a version of Batman to the big screen is a guaranteed success (something all too clear to George Clooney). But that was the past, and the age of a brand new Batman has arrived, thanks to the debut of Zack Snyder and star Ben Affleck’s take on ‘Bruce Wayne’ in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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-Foxtrot1794d ago

Got him right? Zack couldn't even keep Batmans main code in tact.

RetrospectRealm1794d ago

Guess you haven't read too many Batman comics.

Porcelain_Chicken1794d ago

Lol he won't listen. Batman literally killed in his first comic. Batman has always killed if a life absolutely depended on it.

-Foxtrot1794d ago

I've read a lot...and I mean a lot. Deaths are usually indirect, not full on direct attacks where his mission is to kill.

I mean you have some Elseworld stuff like kills made by vampire Batman for example but not really canon is it.


Oh come off it once or twice but his main code is not to kill. Get over it this is not a comic accurate version of the character and when it's a comic book film it sucks. In this film he's been Batman for 20 years...killing people and torturing them for TWO DECADES. Come on

Nitrowolf21793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I don't think he's been killing for two decades, the prequel comic clearly indicates this

RetrospectRealm1793d ago

Never in the film did Batman go on missions where his mission was to kill. I'm not sure what movie you actually watched.

-Foxtrot1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

They were in his way, he killed them. Could have knocked them out but no, no killing them was his first choice.

I've just watched an entire season of Daredevil where he's up against powerful, well equipped ninja Assassins and despite Elektras way of killing them would be easier he still goes the non lethal route and decides to only knock them out.

I mean that's loyalty to the source material.

1793d ago
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uncharted561793d ago

This is a prime example of keeping your mouth shut if you don't have your facts right! If you pay attention to the movie and any of Snyder's interview it has been confirmed that this version has only started killing after 20 years in gotham as Batman and stops it by the end of the movie. And if I can remember the only time he directly kills someone is in the dream sequence and kgb who held Martha hostage.

equal_youth1793d ago

Batman kills.. alot.. in nearly every movie...
Proof? Killcount...

Porcelain_Chicken1793d ago

****************DAREDEVIL SEASON 2 SPOILER ALERT*************

Daredevil was fighting Ninjas. Who were killing a few people and trying to take Elektra hostage. Batman was fighting a godlike being who he thought was ready to wipe out the entire planet at any minute. Not exactly the same scenario.

Anzil1792d ago

I feel that batman snapped when he asks the girl where her mom was and he sees the destroyed building. He starts dropping his code of no killing but supes proves him there is still good/innocence in the world. Loved this interpretation. 8/10 imo.....too bad you and others didn't like it.

Hroach6161792d ago

In several comics, and I believe it was stated somewhere about the film, batman kind of went off the handle after the joker killed Robin. And he started going a lot harsher on criminals. Then after a while he realized his actions were against what he original starts to do and went back to being more lenient. Well, as lenient as batman can be when he's breaking all your bones.

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WizzroSupreme1794d ago

Batman was right to kill in Batman V Superman if Batfleck really was trying to be Frank Miller's Dark Knight, but the machine guns on the bat mobile was way over the top.

hirobrotagonist1793d ago

There have always been guns on the batmobile

Sikct9a1793d ago

Movie sucked, sorry there's really not much to say in my comment lol.

CamillaAddiction1793d ago

i wont be credit to snyder because movie was awful..

but Ben affleck.. best batman ever

StarWarsFan1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Got it right? The movie is dropping hard with every week. I'm sure Warner Bros. is now having some worries about Snyder directing Justice League for them after this. Just a little late to replace him. This should be rephrased to how Ben Affleck got the character performance right, but that's about it.

yomfweeee1792d ago

Affleck can still be a good Batman regardless of how good the movie is.

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