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Guardians of the Galaxy "Come and Gut Your Love" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The strongest moment in this episode happens in the opening scene. Unlike the previous episode, which ended on a false note that attempted to assert Quill’s loyalty to the Guardians, this episode brings the Star Lord/J’Son conflict to a head (it sort of pretends that previous episode’s ending didn’t happen either). Peter unleashes a list of fairly vicious words at his father, angrily (and rightly) calling him out for stealing the Cosmic Seed, manipulating his son to steal it back, and pretending it wasn’t him that damn near caused a Spartax/Asgard war in the first place. J’Son responds with a shocking level of assertiveness, grabs Peter and not-so-subtly threatens him through his words: “Do not ever speak that way to your father and your king.” Jonathan Frakes has, for the most part, coasted in his VO work as J’Son so far, but he absolutely sinks his teeth into that line, bringing a real menace to a character and making him stand out beyond being a Thanos lackey. He both is offended by his son’s disrespect and upset at his failure, and, as we learn by the end of the episode, way more crafty and callous than we’d ever expected.

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