The Last Man On Earth "Fish In The Dish" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The Last Man On Earth has spent its entire second season deftly balancing its high-stakes premise with low-key, sitcom-standard plots, and it has successfully mined comedy from both areas. Creator Will Forte never lets the audience forget that the world of LMOE is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, replete with limited resources and a whole different set of conflicts than the ones in our own world; in other words, it’s a comedy where people can theoretically die from many things, including simple medical problems like appendicitis. But despite the premise’s dramatic foundation, the series’ creative team has found plenty of ways to work in stand-alone comedic storylines outside of the immediate drama of the characters’ situation. The writers have found much success in simply using their world as a backdrop for character-based comedy, taking advantage of LMOE’s talented ensemble as well as their noticeable familiarity and comfort with the characters.

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