Bob’s Burgers "Stand By Gene" Review - AVClub

AVClub: There’s nice synchronicity between the two episodes of tonight’s Bob’s Burgers double feature—at the very least, it’s much easier to review these two as a unit than were last year’s “Hawk And Chick” and “The Oeder Games,” which were both terrific but in very different ways. “House Of 1,000 Bounces” and “Stand By Gene” are both kid-centric stories with well-developed comedic subplots for the Belcher parents. What’s impressive is that both episodes feature extensive ensembles of neighborhood kids, yet the only overlap are the three Belcher children and Regular Sized Rudy. The opener fills out the card with Andy and Ollie along with deeper cuts like Harley from “Slumber Party,” Sasha from “Speakeasy Rider,” and Jeremy from … well, the Bob’s Burgers Wiki reminds me that he was behind the rival Thomas Edison project in “Topsy,” which, yes, I guess that was where we last saw him. (I had him down as off-brand Peter Pescadero, which is maybe the saddest thing imaginable.) “Stand By Gene,” by contrast, brings in just about every major kid supporting character: Jimmy Junior, Zeke, Tammy, Jocelyn, Darryl, and your friend and mine, Regular Sized Rudy.

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