Togetherness "The Sand Situation" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “Kick The Can” was a highlight of Togetherness season one, when Michelle and Brett took a break from their devastating couples’ therapy to grab a bunch of friends in the park to drink beer and play kickball. They find the park overtaken by hipsters, who Michelle ultimately defeats in the titular game. It was fun because the activity took us out of the various levels of Togetherness emotionality to focus on a simple goal: winning the Kick The Can game. Of course, in that victory, we learned that Michelle and Brett were even farther apart than before, and David started worming his way into the plot. (A drunken Alex also kissed Tina.) At the end Michelle is victorious, but what has she lost? After weeks of angst, it was still an enjoyable effort for the show.

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