Girls "Hello Kitty" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “I’m sorry, I’ve been a little too busy Yelping divorce lawyers to worry about the sex lives of our second-tier friends.”

That line, blithely tossed off by Marnie, might be the most shocking part of “Hello Kitty,” an episode that begins with Hannah flashing her crotch at her helpless, flummoxed principal. From its inception, Girls has depicted four young women as they navigate their 20s in Brooklyn. Though they flit in and out of the frame—this episode makes two weeks without Shosh—their lives are interconnected, and each of them is equally important to the narrative. It certainly makes sense that Marnie would regard Adam and Jessa as second-tier friendships, considering how infrequently Marnie and Jessa interact without the other girls as buffers, and her tenuous connection to Adam now that he’s no longer with Hannah and she’s no longer with Desi. But hearing Marnie make this distinction is jarring and takes some adjustment. And it reinforces the idea that Girls is ultimately about the moment when your shallow friendships distinguish themselves as such, then gradually fade away.

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