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Once Upon A Time "Our Decay" Review - AVClub

AVClub: I’ve always said the best part of Once Upon A Time is its villains, but after tonight, I could watch an entire series just based on Hades and Zelena. OUAT has packed (some would say, overloaded) its cast with a ton of dead weight, which just makes vibrant performers like Greg Germann and Rebecca Mader stand out all the more. Germann can make someone as heinous as Hades sympathetic, and he musters up actual chemistry between himself and Mader’s Zelena, on a bicycle yet. For Mader’s part, not only does she get some chewy lines to munch (“You’ll smite me with your book-learning?”), she does her best work in the series in the scene where she gives her baby up because she knows she can’t protect her. It’s so good, in fact, it makes the rest of the cast seem like a bunch of lunkheads: Robin with his refusal to name the baby until he gets to know her (I guess it works that way in China), Charming and Snow in an episode-long quest to talk to baby Neal on the phone, Emma and Hook doing nothing but hanging around the Underworld apartment and fret.

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