Billions "Magical Thinking" Review - AVClub

AVClub: To call an episode of Billions a piece-moving episode feels odd because, honestly, what episode of Billions isn’t a piece-moving episode? Most installments of this show feel like part of a gradual build-up to a pay off that still feels incredibly far away. And yet “Magical Thinking” feels especially lackadaisical even for a show that never seems in a rush to get anywhere. Maybe it feels like a letdown coming on the heels of “Quality Of Life,” the most complete and fleshed out episode of Billions yet. It also might be that, as the penultimate episode of the first season, “Magical Thinking” doesn’t feel like the run-up to a finale. It was one thing not to have a handle on where Billions is headed three episodes in, but for the show to feel this aimless so late in the game is really odd.

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