Wander Over Yonder "The Party Poopers" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The remainder of the season (and the series) was supposed to end in June, but it looks as if some of the final episodes of Wander Over Yonder will be doled sporadically in the new few weeks instead. It’s hard to say what this means. Is Disney giving the show a ceremonious death, letting its final episodes stand on their own (similar to Gravity Falls) and somewhat admitting the cancellation was a mistake? Or is this them burning off the remaining episodes in a fairly unorthodox way? (They’re still being aired on a prime Monday evening timeslot.) Wander Over Yonder is a great, funny show, a visually inventive, colorful kaleidoscope that possessed enough latitude to play around with format, styles, and genres. It’s a show that justifies that outside, surface changes were strong enough to overcome its internal deficiencies (namely, Dominator)–and even still, those internal aspects were solid and comical enough to make it worthwhile. I’m glad to be tackling this show to its very end.

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