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The Path "A Homecoming" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Only three episodes in, a significant issue is arising on The Path: The Meyerist Movement is already a hypocritical and corrupt institution based on manipulation and control, with little redeeming it. For a show billed not as a straightforward attempt to bring down a dangerous cult—à la The Following—but something more nuanced, The Path has spent far too little time establishing just what the Meyerist Movement is, and why it attracts followers. Why do people sign up for a life in a closed-off compound, where mind-altering juice can be forced on them and any information can be withheld, classified above their R-level? Is every initiate a victim of greater abuse so desperate that they’ll accept this life despite the giant, flashing warning signs all around them, or are they so willfully ignorant they don’t see them?

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