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Broad City "Burning Bridges" Review - AVClub

AVClub: After a few middling episodes, Broad City needed to heighten the stakes. With “Burning Bridges,” the show loads those stakes into a cannon and fires them into the stratosphere. It’s without a doubt the most emotional episode the series has ever tackled, but Broad City doesn’t lose its weirdo edge even as it navigates two of its most grounded and real storylines. Last week, I wrote that the writers needed to find their own version of what You’re The Worst did in its second season when it introduced a compelling and complex storyline about Gretchen’s clinical depression. Sure enough, “Burning Bridges” lets all the drama that has been brewing just under the surface of season three boil over. Abbi and Ilana are forced to confront change, and as a result, Broad City goes through a much needed metamorphosis of its own.

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