Black-ish "The Leftovers" Review - AVClub

AVClub: All of the Johnsons have to deal with some serious revelations in “The Leftovers,” an episode as sweet as two scoops of ice cream but not so sweet that it’ll kill you like that third scoop. It all started with a family viewing of The Lion King—which seems to happen a lot based on everyone’s reactions. Diane requests that they not fast-forward through Mufasa’s death, which Jack, of course, didn’t know about. He thought they were just fast-forwarding through lion sex. So Jack is hit with the harsh reality that parents sometimes die and asks very earnestly who will be their own meerkat and warthog should Dre and Bow die. They don’t have an answer. That’s not all that surprising considering just how aloof Dre and Bow can sometimes be about how to run their family. Their financial problems, for example, were never really solved, and Dre’s sneaker collection continues to grow. It makes sense that a family that relies on James Brown the accountant would not have a designated legal guardian for their children in the event of their deaths.

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