Gorgeous Warcraft posters introduce full cast

MWEB GameZone writes: On June 10th, the Horde and Alliance meet in a way they've not met in their almost 12 years of existence. Warcraft, the movie will introduce millions of World of Warcraft fans to Azeroth on the silver screen. Legendary Pictures released gorgeous posters of Warcraft's eight main characters, with a short description that explains their role in the movie.

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Sillicur2431d ago

Can't wait for this to come out!!! Also one of my favorite actors Travis Fimmel is playing Lothar, simply can't get better than this!

Count_Bakula2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Yeah I really think the hate that's been going on for the movie is 1. People only see CG, not knowing the exceptional WETA is behind a lot of the work and 2. General hate for teh MMO. Duncan Jones freaking rules. This is going to be the next great fantasy. Can't wait to see Orcs and Humans come to life after all these years.

HoldenZA2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Can't wait for this movie, I have loved the lore of WOW. Getting to see it on the big screen is surreal

ZombieDreddZA2431d ago

The trailers have impressed me so far. I have high hopes for a quality game/movie tie-in for a change.

HanCilliers2430d ago

Might be the first epic adaptation

Helios862430d ago

"Gorgeous" Looks like a 12 year old got his hands on photoshop.
Garona looks like something from a cheap porno.

Really hope the film surpasses this sorry excuse for quality.

aDDicteD2424d ago

This is one of the movies this year that I'm really looking forward to,hopefully it delivers.