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Breaking Down Batman v Superman - 3 Things That Worked and 3 That Didn't

From Cinelinx:

As many predicted, Batman v. Superman has proven to be vastly divisive among movie-goers and fans alike. Even as someone who genuinely enjoyed the on screen adventure, I found plenty of things I both loved and didn’t love within the film. With my initial review keeping things spoiler free, this is a great time to break down those divisive moments with a lot more freedom.

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darklordzor1787d ago

Still really enjoyed this movie a great deal. Definitely structural problems that I hope can be controlled in Justice League.

mamotte1786d ago

Weird, I think that all the things that worked in this article, didn't work at all for me. Lex's "plan" was invisible, and was bad executed just to get the mediocre script rolling. I mean, Africa... why use special bullets? Why? So the police can relate him to it? He didn't even wanted for Batman to steal her Kryptonite. there was no plan at all, just "luck" (like super stopping Batman instead of a truck loaded with criminals with guns). At the end he uses a common kidnapping, and... what did he expected the guardians to do in the case Super arrives? Shoot him? Punch him? flamethrower him?

And the death of Superman... that's a surprise, I admit, but's the wrong kind of surprise. Death is a surprise as long as is permanent. That's why nobody cares if Krillin dies, he will revive anyway, so, if we're all knowing there'll be other movies, why kill Super? Kill him at the last movie, MAKE HIS DEATH MATTER, instead of killing it just because the fans will wet their pants with doomsday.

Battle was OK. Just OK. A bit too much in the short and dark side... but well, is Zack "Afraid of the dark" Snyder.

Minute Man 7211786d ago

The Director's Cut fight scenes are longer

mamotte1786d ago

Yeah, I know. I dont get why if I payed something to see it on a cinema, I must pay again to see the complete version that actually makes a little sense. Waste of money.

Germany71786d ago

Zack Snyder should direct music videos, not movies.

Minute Man 7211786d ago

From the article - "For instance, there's no real explanation as to how Superman knows Batman's identity."

At Lex's party Sups overheard the Bruce and Alfred communication. He knew right there that Bruce was Batman

TheRealHeisenberg1786d ago

That and this little thing called X-ray vision.