Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Teaser Trailer for a Teaser Trailer Released

EB: It looks like we will finally get a look at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story tomorrow during Good Morning America, which has just been teased as the debut home of the film’s first official teaser in a teaser trailer.

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-Foxtrot1785d ago

These Black "Death" Troopers...where were they in Star Wars 4-6

My only problem with prequels...

MasterD9191784d ago

This film technically takes place sometime after the end of episode 3 and between the beginning of episode 4. Plenty of time there for new things to pop-in to the series.

-Foxtrot1784d ago

It's not that long before Episode 4, unlike the gap between things in the 3rd film to the 4th

If there was something so close to the 4th film then it's a little strange not to see it in the 4th film unless they find a way in the film to get rid of it.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31784d ago

Technically the storm troopers operating the deathstar in A New Hope were wearing black costumes...

-Foxtrot1784d ago

They've been teased as a new type of Storm trooper from what I've read

A special team of Stormtroopers who are sent in for one thing...hunt and kill. Basically the elite, best of the best.

freshslicepizza1784d ago

can you for once use your imagination and not complain about every little damn thing. you're like a spoiled brat who is impossible to buy christmas gifts for.

this movie is going to be awesome just like the latest one. people love these movies because they take people away from their daily lives for 2 hours so we try and forget about people like you.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31784d ago

Looks pretty good, but then again Gareth Edwards always had a penchant for crafting great visuals. Hopefully he has a story to match; really didn't care much for Oblivion or his Godzilla remake.

dota2champion1783d ago

It isn't starwars without the light saber fight.

StarWarsFan1783d ago

I'm not a fan of Felicity Jones in this film. I don't know how big his part is, but it's cool to see Forest Whitaker! What's with all the Brits though...

Muadiib1783d ago

It's probably filmed in the UK like all of the others so it makes sense to have a lot of British actors like all of the others! And let's be honest, per capita British actors are the best in the world.

Saying that, I'm not impressed they have another posh, petite female lead who apparently is a badass. Maybe try something else, make her the brains of the outfit sure, but she's a clone of Rey at this point.

StarWarsFan1782d ago

Yes, I totally agree! Felicity Jones is basically a copycat of Daisy Ridley's Rey. And it's so glaring with back to back Star Wars movies. They even look like they have the same body type.

I think we do often give British actors a bit too much credit because of their accents and so many of them are shipped over. There are quite a few that have just been one-trick ponies. I realize they filmed in the UK, but the original Star Wars movies did too and they didn't have everyone British (Luke, Han, etc). I think if they really looked at American actors, there are some great character actors to choose from. Even in "The Force Awakens", I was blown away by Adam Driver's performance. I wasn't expecting it, but he did a fantastic job. His villainy was really in his acting and not makeup/props.

Speaking of filming in the UK, wouldn't it be more fitting to have Star Wars filmed somewhere secluded in California. Like getting designated parcels of land to build studios just for Star Wars movies; basically a blown-up version of Skywalker Ranch. It's obvious they're going to be making these movies for a while, why not give them their own sacred home for premieres, interviews, tours, all divisions of LucasFilm, etc. all in one place.