Warner Bros. Mulls Releasing Fewer Films as 'Batman v. Superman' Stalls


With Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, has Warner Bros. finally turned a corner?

After an abysmal run of expensive underperformers including Jupiter Ascending, Pan and In the Heart of the Sea, the studio launched its effort at a Marvel-style film universe with the DC Comics movie that had been touted as proof the regime installed in 2013 and headed by chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara was getting on track. But a dizzying 69 percent plunge that followed its March-record $166.1 million domestic opening ($422.5 million worldwide) means Batman is not a clear win.

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dauntingpixel1787d ago

it's pretty disappointing that when a movie makes as much money as this one has can be deemed to be a disappointment in the eyes of studio execs.

mamotte1784d ago

it's pretty disappointing that when a movie like this can make so much money.

cleft51784d ago

I think the real issue here is that Warner Bros released this movie too soon. By that I don't mean the movie was rushed or anything. I mean there wasn't enough context in the movie verse for this movie.

Imagine how Age of Ultron or The Avengers would be received if it released right after Iron Man came out. Initial sells would do well, but it would run into the same issues as Batman vs Superman had.

DC try to catch up to Marvel/Disney in two big films. That was a mistake. Instead they should have built up the DC movie verse slowly but steadily like Marvel did. It's a shame too because I found Ben Affleck's Batman to be really interesting and I think crazy Lex is really intriguing. The only person I didnt care for was this Superman. The guy just isn't showing off that internal conflict that Superman is constantly going through well. So he makes Superman look boring and uncaring.

NewMonday1784d ago


that's also the big problem with Man of Steel, felt like watching random episode recaps from a TV series, not a well paced movie

The 10th Rider1783d ago

Man of Steel's issue was that it was a plot conceptualized by Christopher Nolan and directed by Zack Snyder. The Nolan-ish part of the plot is rushed in favor of huge action set pieces.

The issues with Batman V Superman extend past just the timing of it's release. The Avengers is just overall a better written movie. I don't even like the Avengers, but Batman V Superman has some parts with absolutely awful writing that drag it down.

NewMonday1784d ago

better creative vision is why Marvel have a better cinema universe

also with Star Wars Lucasfilm are making the same mistakes as WB

even though Lucasfilm & Marvel have the same parent company in Disney the producers are different

1784d ago
NewMonday1784d ago


the post RotJ universe is new and the Rouge One retcon is worse than the EU version

CobraKai1785d ago

If this was a fun, action adventure movie, like Jurassic World, it prolly woulda made billions. I would be able to forgive the inconsistencies and face palmingly bad motivations for each character, but it was total snooze fest with no redeeming qualities. All the good stuff was given away in the trailers.

dauntingpixel1785d ago

can't say that i agree with you on that but everyone has their own opinions right? =)

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dota2champion1785d ago

Warner Bros should just focus on DC films since they're more successful

dauntingpixel1785d ago

let's call a spade a spade here. jupiter ascending was a flaming pile of garbage. simple as that. i just don't understand why in the heart of the sea didn't do better. it was a great movie and Pan just didn't look all that interesting to me or anyone else for that matter. maybe the marketing team is at fault? i don't know what the answer is.

what i do know is the early screener preview comments of bvs were incredibly positive. then the "media" had their chance to dig in and it suddenly turned into a dogs breakfast. i honestly see the mainstream media people as part of the issue. most of them don't understand the characters. one mainstream media person where i am was talking about movie releases that day and was like "ugghhh.. this just looks horrendous. I wouldn't see this if you paid me." no kidding.

i really liked the movie and hope to see it again sooner than later. i also think that the dceu is going to be awesome.

AHall881785d ago

I loved BvS, but it seems like most people hated it.

I'm worried that Suicide Squad will likely bomb now and DC films become Marvel lite. Comic movies don't all need to be lighthearted with jokes every 5 minutes.

maniacmayhem1784d ago

***i honestly see the mainstream media people as part of the issue. most of them don't understand the characters.***

You're kidding right? Mainstream media doesn't understand Comic book heroes? This isn't Shakespeare on screen or some deep, existential 4 hour film tackling the human's worth in the universe. It's Batman Versus Superman. The film screamed JL marketing shill, shoe horning other characters as promotion for future movies, it also did nothing but market Ben Affleck's Batman future movies.

This movie tried to be smart, but talking about God and comparing God to Superman doesn't make you smart and has been done many times before in the comic. And it definitely doesn't help when you decide to drop all those points made to fight a big dumb monster in the end.

If you liked the movie, good, no problem. But please don't blame the mainstream media on this poorly made, incoherent, mess of a movie.

If it was a good movie it would be getting good reviews like other comic book movies that the mainstream media did praise.

1784d ago
maniacmayhem1784d ago

***God forbid things are different than what has worked before.***

Yea, that makes sense. God forbid a movie that is coherent, structured properly and above all else good.

***A lot of the critics thought BvS was no fun because it lacked the humor of the Marvel movies.***

Let me correct you, a lot of critics thought it was bad because it was a horrible film that lacked humor, charm, substance and above all else, story.

The 10th Rider1783d ago

Yeah, it isn't that it isn't fun, it's that it's so overly serious, filled with grimaces and brooding and dark stares, etc...

It might work in comics, but, at least in this case, it just comes across as a joke in live action.

NovusTerminus1785d ago

Maybe they should consider getting a better writer, Goyer is not that good for a comic book movie.

CobraKai1785d ago

I partially agree. Goyer needs guidance to be any good. Goyer + Benicio del Toro = Blade 2 👍🏻. Goyer by himself = Blade 3 👎🏻. Goyer needs people like Nolan and Del Toro to be any good, and Zack Snyder is more of a visual director. So he wouldn't be much help.

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