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Ryan Reynolds Closes Deal For 'Deadpool' Sequel

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Ryan Reynolds has closed his deal to reprise his role as the Merc with a Mouth according to sources. Production on Deadpoool 2 kicks off this fall.

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alycakes1797d ago

I'm surprised but it did make a lot of money and I did like it. It wasn't one of the best movies ever but it was entertaining.

dauntingpixel1797d ago

easily one of the best comicbook movies ever though.

1796d ago
georgenancy1796d ago

nope it was just an okay movie

Inzo1796d ago

Well it was at least better than any of the fantastic four movies.

juggulator1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Call it his "cummming out party". The sequel will have more of everything turned up to 100.

dauntingpixel1797d ago

this should come as no surprise to anyone. the movie was great from start to finish.

Hroach6161797d ago

One of the most highly rated comic book films ever made
Highest grossing R rated film of all time
One of the most highly rated R rated films of all time (not just comic book)
One of the most well recieved films by fans
Made close to a billion dollars on a comparatively shoestring budget for a blockbuster film (they estimate around $53M)
Foxes highest earning film of all time
Highest earning film in the xmen franchise

Yeah, who was really surprised by this?

dauntingpixel1797d ago

let me check.... nobody. nobody at all.

and with it starting production in the fall, it sounds like we might see him sooner than later and i'm all for it.

Hroach6161796d ago

I just hope they aren't rushing this movie into production. It takes time to make a good film. Starting filming this fall seems a bit rushed.

dauntingpixel1796d ago

i suspect they had some ideas already solidified that they may have had to cut that will make it into the next one. good times had by all who saw it though and that's really what going to the movies is all about.

AHall881796d ago

It did seem like they already knew what they wanted to do in a sequel.
I'm excited to see Cable on the big screen.

ZombieGamerMan1796d ago

Yeah but odds are the sequel won't make as much as Deadpool 1 for 1 reason, the budget will more than likely be higher since they didn't have a lot of faith on this hence the small budget. With that higher budget means even if it makes the same amount of money the first 1 did they made less money on the sequel.

This your friendly neighborhood Captain Obvious telling you the obvious

PizzaSteve1796d ago

That's why I never understood why so many movies need the high budgets. Like they can still make a good movie on a budget less than $100m. BvS had a $250 budget, like why and to me if you gonna pay that much for a movie you better make $1b in profit.

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Soldierone1796d ago

The thing is Reynolds had a key part in everything for the movie. It was him that pushed it forwards.

If he isn't involved to that caliber then it becomes scary. The first one was so good because it flew under Fox's radar, kind of like "yeah do whatever, just don't spend money." Now that it made money, Fox will be eying it and execs will step in with their almighty knowledge of what we want and ruin things. I really don't think they'd get away with half their jokes if Fox execs were paying much attention to it.

Trilithon1796d ago

fuck fox and knowitall execs in general that ruin projects for their "garanteed" profits!

hazelamy1796d ago

but considering how much money it made, they'd be stupid to start messing with it for the sequel.

and the people that run movie studios wouldn't do something stupid would they?
especially not fox. >_>

UltraNova1796d ago

I would not be surprised if the Deapool 2 turns out to be PG12...all thanks to FOX.

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