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Solo Superman Movies Still Planned


Zack Snyder says standalone Superman movies haven't been announced to support the events of BvS, while Henry Cavill admits that he's "very keen" to do them.

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dauntingpixel1796d ago

excellent. i really want there to be more standalone superman movie.

Hroach6161795d ago

Agreed. He needs a proper superman film now more then ever. And Henry cavill does an excellent job in the roll in my opinion. The writers/studio just need to lighten up in the tone a tad

dauntingpixel1795d ago

really don't much care about the tone of the movies. DC has always had a bit of an edge to their brand of story telling.

gangsta_red1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago ) how about we actually give Clark Kent some lines, emotion and development this go round? After watching the video, they talk like it still hasn't been confirmed.

aDDicteD1786d ago

I hope they can find a great writer so that he's film will bounce back.