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Magneto Poster Reveals the Final Horseman


The fourth and final horseman has arrived with an X-Men: Apocalypse Magneto poster. The new poster joins designs featuring Storm, Psylocke and Angel.

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Aldous_Snow1790d ago

This has got shit written all over it

dauntingpixel1790d ago

care to explain your views?

Hold_It1790d ago

Agreed. Good luck topping First Class.
It's not an X-Men film if it's not focusing on the team synergy and struggles.

Savsky1789d ago

Don't you mean good luck topping Days of Future's Past? Because that was clearly the better film of the two.

dauntingpixel1790d ago

i think this movie is going to be awesome. not sure it can top days of future past but it should be great all the same.

ceballos77mx1790d ago

No negasonic teenage warhead, or colossus?

MasterD9191790d ago

I'm going to see this movie either way, but only thanks to Days of Future Past. I didn't think much of First Class honestly.

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