‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale Review: Last Day on Earth | GNG

After watching The Walking Dead’s Season 6 Finale; I am left amazed, befuddled, and… Extremely frustrated.

Negan has been teased throughout the second half of this entire season, dangling the possibility of his skull-smashing introduction like a giblet on a string. There have been so many cop outs when it comes to character deaths this season, I was excited for this episode because I thought “Wow, cool, The Walking Dead is finally starting to take risks!”

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xander707691794d ago

Would have been a 5/5 for me if not for the botched ending. 3/5 seems fair.

Gezmoyassine1794d ago

And now we wait 6 months for season 7...Do you guys think they will stick with the comic or will they make some changes?...I mean i haven't read the comic but i know who dies in the comic..And if people already know who dies in the comic then why not show us?Unless they plan not to follow the comic...

xander707691794d ago

This was my thought too. Since a very large portion of the fans are aware of the comic death, it really doesn't make sense that they went out of their way to not show it. Could be bad writing. Could also be that they are planning to deviate and shock us in the season 7 premiere with an alternate death.

thorstein1794d ago


So, in the comic Lucille is used on Glen, but it is at Hilltop, not like this.

However, in the comic, Carol is dead, Andrea is alive and with Rick romantically, she is also the sniper in the watch tower. Sophia is alive. There is no Daryl Dixon.

Abraham is dead in the comic as well.

But, if you watched Talking Dead after, what they say is true. This is the beginning of a new storyline. Also, pay attention to the men Morgan has met. There is more than the Saviors, Alexandrians and Hilltoppers.

Hopefully that helps. The Telltale game also features Glen and Hershel in the first season.

TheSaint1794d ago

yeah, seems odd that they didn't show it IF they are following the comic. Logic says they aren't following it because maybe that's too obvious.

ceballos77mx1794d ago


Don't know if legit, but if it is then they are going with the comics.

Gezmoyassine1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

That sounds legit to me...I am feeling a bit sad right now.I can't wait for season 7 and hope Negan gets what's coming to him in the worst possible way...Who the hell does he think he is?Taking supplies from others for protection or else...What Rick and the others did to his men was justified...They deserved it...I know this is just a tv show and these are just actors doing their parts...I just can't help it i love these characters!..

scark921794d ago

I liked the ending personally.

dota2champion1794d ago

We all know it's Glenn who unfortunately got smash by lucille

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