‘Speedy Gonzales’ Eyed As Animated Feature At Warner Bros.

The rat pack is back! The fastest mouse in all of Mexico may be on its way to the big screen. Speedy Gonzales, the beloved Looney Tunes mouse who can outrun the fastest of cats and whose Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale! cry was a Saturday morning staple for kids growing up in the 1960s, is being eyed as an animated feature at Warner Bros. with Mexico’s own beloved filmmaker/actor Eugenio Derbez voicing the mouse.

“In Mexico we grew up watching Speedy Gonzalez,” Derbez told Deadline. “He was like a superhero to us, or maybe more like a revolutionario like Simon Bolivar or Pacho Villa. He watched out for the little people but with a lot of bravado and a weakness for the ladies. I’m really excited to be bringing this character to the big screen. And besides being Mexican— my full name is Eugenio Derbez Gonzalez and I have big ears. The casting couldn’t be better.”

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alycakes1788d ago

That's sounds great. I always liked this character and the Mighty Mouse character too.

dauntingpixel1788d ago

i liked the little guy too but not sure that he needs his own movie. there are many more interesting and beloved characters in the looney tunes universe that should get some love first.

gangsta_red1787d ago

Who's faster. Speedy Gonzales or The Flash?