Jessica Henwick Joins Marvel’s Netflix Series 'Iron Fist'

The Playlist:
Marvel’s “Iron Fist” is ramping up and adding another “Game Of Thrones” cast member to its ensemble. Jessica Henwick (who also had a small role in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”) has joined the Netflix original series as the protagonist's colleague Colleen Wing.

A martial arts expert running her own dojo, Colleen will serve as an invaluable ally to Danny Rand aka Iron Fist — played by “Game Of Thrones” star Finn Jones — as he returns to his life in New York after leaving K’un-L’un; a secretive Martial Arts Temple in Asia.

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alycakes1787d ago

I think I'm going to like Iron Fist.

hazelamy1786d ago

given the quality of Netflix's Marvel shows so far, i feel pretty confident this will be a damn good show.

how many GoT stars will that be in Marvel projects now?
there was Dinklage in X-Men DoFP, Sophie turner in Apocalypse, now Fin Jones and Jessica Henwick in Iron Fist, and Maisie Williams is rumoured for the X-Men New Mutants movie.