IGN Banshee: "Something Out of the Bible" Review

Cinemax's artfully pulpy Banshee returned for its fourth and final season, kicking things off with a compelling-yet-clunky opener featuring a two year time jump (complete with a handful of fill-in flashbacks).

Now, it's very possible that the outlier feel/vibe of this final run was inescapable. After all, following the Season 3 finale, and Hood's official resignation as town Sheriff, the series - for all intents and purposes - stopped being the series. At least on a basic premise basis. That of an ex-con posing as a top cop. Without that, we're just left with the characters themselves. Which can be a good thing, because many of these characters are interesting and deep, but it also means that things might feel a bit empty without that core story holding everyone in place.

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alycakes1789d ago

I love this show but I don't get Cinemax so I will wait for the last season to end and find it somewhere to watch.