IGN The Walking Dead: "Last Day on Earth" Review

"You are so gonna regret crossing me in a few minutes."

Man, after all that time waiting. Anticipating. Wondering if the show would stick to its comic book-based guns or not. And we get a very disappointing cliffhanger. After, like, 10 minutes of very taut emotional manipulation. Following an overlong episode designed to basically do nothing but build us up toward those final 10 minutes.

Now, don't get me wrong. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan did not disappoint. He was great. And the casual flippancy of his character felt really exciting, even adding a nerve-racking electricity to the show. His smirk and swagger were a wonderful sight to behold. In fact, early casting rumors about Negan also had Jon Hamm in the running and I could totally see him pulling off this role too. There was a confidence and overall reasonableness to Negan's madness that was really cool.

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alycakes1790d ago

I just don't know what to say. I think I know who died but I can't believe what happened at the end.

MasterD9191790d ago

They could have showed who died and still reaped all the benefits of having fans return to season 7 by showing the immediate aftermath. The first person was great but the Sopranos black screen was unnecessary. We already can rule out so many that it likely wasn't as big of a character that died as we thought.

However, it was a HE for sure. Negan said "he sure can take a hit!"

TXIDarkAvenger1790d ago

I'm baffled how they managed to screw up that badly. I won't be watching TWD anymore. I'll stick with the comics...

Aldous_Snow1789d ago

One thing that's buggin me is how did the saviors know Ric and the gang were coming? Being there ready at the exact convenient time?

Did Negan intercept a Skype chat between Ric and Hilltop or what? lol As far as I'm aware, Hilltop didn't even know they were on their way.